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Places I Go
Here's where I, I mean spend a lot of my time on the internet.

Harry Potter Sites
I am a freak for Harry Potter.  I'm a total dork about it.  I've seen each movie easily a dozen times, I've read the books multiple times, and I even got my hands on the UK versions of the books so I could see what was different.  I warned you I was a dork about it!  Anyhoo, here's where I get my news for all things Harry.

Fitness & Nutrition
I just recently started the Body-for-Life plan, and to give myself a kick in the ass so I don't forget what I'm striving for, I visit the following sites:

Time Wasters
Otherwise known as Fun & Games.  I am a sucker for puzzle type games.  Because of my obsessive personality, I've been known to stay up all night playing them.  This list just scratches the surface of my obsession, but you can get a good idea of the kind of games I find appealing:

Miscellaneous Entertainment
Here's a few places I've stumbled upon during my exploration of the internet.  Some are quite good.