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Mildly Interesting

Here are some articles I've come across in my countless hours on the internet.  Enjoy!

Merry Christmas Bob! - Whatever you guys do, don't be Bob!
The Paper Towel Theory - For those of you frustrated with weight loss, this helps put in in perspective.
Don't Work Out Like a Girl - From the Tiffany Blitz website.
News of the Weird - It's reassuring to know that in this big world, there is still proof that I'm normal...very normal.
Darwin Awards -  It's reassuring to know that in this big world, I may actually be considered smart...very smart.
No Weights, No Problem! - aka Fun With Household Items, from
New!!Build it and They Will Come - The muscles that is!  What some women had to say in the BFL guestbook about when they started seeing amazing results.