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I'm eventually going to have pictures up here.  I do have a "Before" picture of my BFL challenge, but until I acheive an "After", you ain't seein' it!  There are some random photos I will post though.  I like taking nature photos, so you may see quite a few of them here.

Floating Eye Web Design
This is an idea I had a few years ago. Shows my talent (everything was done original in photoshop).

Calla Lily

Ooooh, Pretty!

I was so proud of this picture, the lighting and focus were just right!  Too bad between the cheap camera and lousy scanner it's a bit grainy.

Our new kitchen fixture

Me in my Band FaGlory!!
I look so relaxed in this pic, but look at the size of those specs!!

Picture my oldest daughter made

My oldest daughter drew this picture for Father's Day last year.  We made a mouse pad and gift wrap out of it for my husband.