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Don't Fear the Free Weights!!

If you are anything like me, you like the machines.  They are self-spotting and there is a decent illusion of privacy.    I thought I was doing great with my workouts, but I was starting to get bored.  So I moseyed on over to the back of the gym and grabbed the smallest barbell (20 lbs.)  On my shoulders it goes and I start crankin' out the squats.  Not bad, it feels pretty good in fact.  Hey, look at that guy there, he's checking me out!!  I keep increasing the weight and get up to 50lbs.  Had to shrug that bad boy off my shoulders when I finished, but damn it felt good.  And you know what, the next day I could barely MOVE!!  My quads got a helluva good workout, so did the hamstrings, but best of all, my ASS was just KILLING me!!!  I never, and I mean NEVER had soreness so complete.  I was really impressed with how much that did for me.  Then, when upper body day comes along, I'm raring to go.  Grab the 5 lb. dumbbells for some quick chest presses.  Pretty easy.  Work it up to 20 lbs and switch into flies.  Wowza!  I'm feeling muscles I didn't even know I had!  Make it through most of my workout on free weights and I start triceps.  Slam those out and on the last set, my arms are just QUIVERING with the effort to pump out one more rep.  It felt good!  Now I know why the bohunks love the free weights.  I've fallen in love with iron! 

I have always read how free weights give you a better workout because you are using your stabilizing muscles.  Well, quit reading and start lifting, because they ain't kidding!  If you are getting bored with your workout, or you are in a rut, grab some iron and get going.  You won't be disappointed.  And you know what?  Everyone else there is working so hard, they don't give a crap that you feel awkward!!  You know how to fix that?  Get to know those gym rats that are there every time you are.  They are great sources of information (Know any great hamstring exercises?), plus, in the event you fall in love with the iron, they can make great spotters.  Familiarity helps dissipate that embarrassed awkward feeling a lot of us women get when we feel like we are treading on men's sacred ground.  Well, what are you waiting for??  Get out there and grunt like the best of them, youll be glad you did!