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100 things about me...

1.  I am 32 year old (as of 2004).
2.  I've been married for 7.5 years.
3.  I have 2 daughters.
4.  Sometimes, I don't like being the mom.
5.  I have one tattoo on my right shoulder. 
6.  Getting that tattoo pissed off my husband (he's quite conservative).
7.  I was in a fairly major depression and I needed to feel pain in a way that was socially acceptable, to make sure I could feel anything at all.  You'd understand if you've ever been there.
8.  I wouldn't mind getting another one.
9.  I almost passed out getting the first one.  A friend went and got me a Coke to raise my blood sugar.
10.  I consider myself fairly liberal. 
11.  I don't vote straight Democratic.  I vote with the issues.  Still, it is sometimes hard to choose.
12.  I met my husband in college.
13.  He is the only person I've ever had sex with.
14.  We talked about marriage on our 3rd date.
15.  I delivered both my babies without pain medication.  I was blessed with a fairly high tolerance, and Lamaze breathing actually worked for me.
16.  My mom was with me both times (along with DH).
17.  I had a blood workup when I was suffering from anxiety.  My doctor said my results were enviable.
18.  I've been on and off of Prozac twice. 
19.  I may be going back on it again.
20.  Without it, I'm a miserable uber-bitch during PMS.
21.  I'm sometimes a miserable uber-bitch during the rest of the month.
22.  I seem to be most creative right around my period.
23.  I get almost manic at the same time and go for about 3 days on a total of 8 hours of sleep.  It makes me bitchier, but I can't help it.
24.  It takes me 20 minutes minimum to fall asleep at night. 
25.  I make my husband wait until I'm asleep to come into bed, lest his snoring drive me into a murderous rage.
26.  I sleep with the fan on 365 days a year.
27.  If it's warm enough to sleep without the comforter, it's too warm in my bedroom for me to sleep.
28.  I'm a total bitch in the morning if I am not allowed to wake up on my own.
29.  My kids wake me up every morning.
30.  I can play clarinet.  Played it from 4th grade through a year or so of college.  Don't have the chops to play for more than 5 minutes now.
31.  I was in Marching Band in high school and LOVED it.
32.  I played softball for 7 years, from age 7 to age 14.
33.  I quit because I was suffering abuse from my own teammates. 
34.  I have designed a few websites.  Only one is currently used, and it's for a company we own.
35.  I found out doing something as a business sucks all the fun out of it.
36.  I swear like a sailor.  I can make sailors blush.
37.  I was raised Catholic, but am lapsed.
38.  I started to seriously look into Wicca, but everyone I know who is Wiccan is poor white trash, or close to it.
39.  I am obsessed with Harry Potter.  My husband wants nothing to do with it.
40.  I own all the books, both in the American and UK versions.
41.  I once inventoried adult items at the store my mom works at when I was still in high school (clearly under 21).
42.  The first time my husband was at my parents house for dinner, the conversation took a turn towards vibrators.
43.  My mom took that turn (she was talking about the adult room at the novelty store she works at - yes it's a cool job).
44.  I can crochet, and have made a LOT of scarves and a few afghans.  It's been hard to find the time lately.
45.  I change my hair color everytime I go to the salon.  It's usually some combination of brown and blonde, but it's always different.
46.  I had my gallbladder taken out 5 years ago in emergency surgery after an early morning trip to the ER. 
47.  I found that Demerol, in an IV drip, can be my best friend.
48.  The surgeon showed pictures of my stoned inflamed gallbladder to my family in the waiting room, but not me, and hell yeah I was disappointed.
49.  I've totalled a car and I've been in 5 other accidents.  3 of them were my fault, 2 were when I was rear ended.
50.  I used to own a red Dogde 1500 4x4 pickup truck with an 8 foot bed.
51.  I gave it up when I was 8 months pregnant and could no longer get in and out of it comfortably.
52.  I now own (EEEK!) a Honda Odyssey minivan, and I love it.
53.  I am a slob.  Clutter rules my house, but I draw the line and food where it shouldn't be.
54.  My husband does not know I have this blog.
55.  When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I never had an answer.
56.  I worked at a construction company and regularly got drunk with my boss and co-workers.
57.  Twice I passed out (after getting to my final destination), and once I had to be driven home by my boss. 
58.  I've never done illicit drugs.
59.  On different occasions, I've learned that Ativan or Xanax can feel like a lifesaver.
60.  I used to have an African Grey parrot.  It died at 4 months old.
61.  I got another parrot that my brother-in-law adopted after my last bout with anxiety disorder.
62.  I would love to get him back, but my husband hates him.
63.  My kids often crawl into bed with us in the middle of the night.  I usually complain, but sometimes, secretly, I like that they want to snuggle with me.
64.  If I'm going to be late getting somewhere I get totally stressed out. 
65.  If it's someone else's fault, I get very crabby.
66.  I feel that being late without reason shows a lack of respect.  So does not calling if you are going to be more than 15 minutes late.
67.  My husband was 2 hours late for our first date.
66.  I think I have an internet addiction.  If I'm going to be away for more than a few hours, I get anxious.  It passes after a few days though.
67.  I can play stupid, mindless, repetitive games (think solitaire) for hours on end.  I can forego food and sleep to play these games.  I pee only when I can no longer concentrate on the game.
68.  I've seen the following people in concert:  Billy Joel (first concert), David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Eric Clapton, Peter Gabriel (twice).  I was pissed to find out my husband saw Eric Johnson as an opening act for Rush.  His lowlife friend had enough tickets for everyone except me.
69.  I've got an abandonment complex. 
70.  I used to be terrified of spiders, now I'm merely scared (have to be brave for the kids - unless it's a big juicy black one, then DH gets called).
71.  I love to recycle.  We put out 4 bins a week, and we could easily add 2 more. 
72.  I get pissed when I see paper, glass, or plastic in the trash bin.
73.  I think my environmental conscience is going to grow stronger.
74.  I've been to Hawaii twice, both times with our group of friends.
75.  The closest I got to being out of the country was Toronto, Ontario and the Bahamas.
76.  We stayed at the Atlantis resort on our honeymoon before it got to be a spectacular hotel.
77.  I love to snorkel and swim in the ocean.  My worst sunburns were from when I lost track of time and stayed in the water for 4+ hours.
78.  I breastfed both my kids for nearly 2 years each.  I would whip it out anywhere.
79.  I'm a bit of a breastfeeding nazi.  It bothers me to see people not even give it a try, but I keep my mouth shut, because I would NEVER tell someone how to raise their kids (at least not to their face).
80.  I really hate feeling pressure to be social with the other moms of my daughter's classmates. 
81.  I've decorated cakes for my oldest daughter's birthdays.  My youngest is 3 and I made one only for her 1st birthday.  I have to do more for her.
82.  I would love to get a dog, but it would probably kill my husband, he's hugely allergic.
83.  Almost all of my friendships were formed through my husband.
84.  I don't miss my old friends.  I didn't really have many.   The one I had went to college with me and we eventually grew apart.  We still talk from time to time.
85.  I've been asked many times if I've ever had braces (no).  Even my new dentist was impressed.
86.  I wear acrylic nails all the time.  If I don't, I bite my nails down to the quick and pick and chew at my cuticles.  I still attack my cuticles when I can.  I've had the habit for as long as I can remember.
87.  On different occasions, I've sprained both my ankles.
88.  I've never broken a bone or had stitches (not counting childbirth - I'm talking accident).
89.  When I was 8 I fell face first off the monkey bars onto asphalt.  I had a huge scab on my forehead for weeks.
90.  I was promoted from first to second grade at the end of my first grade year.  The next year I went to third grade.  I was reading at a 5th grade level.
91.  I learned to read when I was 3.5 years old.
92.  When I read a book, I can't put it down.  I'll stay up late until my eyelids close or until I finish the book.
93.  I feel that sometimes nothing is better than a good cry.  Except maybe a good cry followed by good yoga.
94.  I am addicted to Diet Peach Snapple Iced Tea (although nearly any flavor will do).  If I drink it too late at night, I get up twice in the middle of the night to pee.
95.  I have a distinctive laugh.  Everyone says when I laugh they could point me out in a crowd of people.
96.  I have a bachelor's in Psychology.  Not sure what use it is.
97.  I no longer like to drink.  After abstaining while pregnant and breastfeeding, my tolerance is near zero.  Two beers can nearly make me pass out.
98.  I've never karaoked in public.
99.  I have an eclectic taste in music.  Anything from classical to hard rock, to heavy metal, to the Carpenters.
100.  I took 4 years of french in high school and 2 in college and I can still barely conjugate a verb.